Art in Francesco

A re styling that honors italo-mendocina cuisine

It is about more than 45 sq m artistically intervened by the artist Noe Roldán (@noe_ilustra in social media). Murals, bars, and casks intervened with acrylic painting and ink in the gastronomical space cave, rooftop, main room, VIP room and gardens, showing the most sensitive experiences between scents and home flavors.

With the re styling of its rooms, the ristorante offers a proposal that exceeds gastronomical excellency: it connects with your senses in a profound way.

“All this time we were looking for the renewal of our stakes. After the pandemic we found our desire to reinvent ourselves, to include new plates, to make the place atmosphere to gain an internal sense and communicate the essence of our fusion. We had the need to bring value back to what this land produces, to express it images that touches our senses through the art, though images that gather and transmit our spirit.”


Beatriz Barbera, founder of the ristorante.

“Today our walls reflect what occurs inside, what these walls tell is the most authentic that happens in Francesco”.

The designer and artist Noe Roldán developed concepts such as ampelography, dedicating the rooftop to the world of wine through botanics and reinforcing the concept of the fusion between Mendoza´s gastronomy with Italian roots. It incorporates flowers and spices present in the viticulture – as chamomile and lavender-, and, in the Italian cuisine.

On the walls of Francesco there are sensitive phrases by Maria Teresa Corradini de Barbera – the soul of the Italian cuisine in Mendoza – who, with its trajectory, humor, wisdom, and strength, inspires and pushes forward. Flora Giaquinta was in charge of the lettering of these illustrations.


These are dedicated to the identity products from another point of view. The manor’s heart is intervened with artwork that bring together the astonishing garden in the middle of Mendoza’s city with the identity products of regional cuisine: Damascus flowers, tomatoes, peaches, lavender, rosemary, mint, arugula, garlic, among others.


The mural that welcomes you at the rooftop is made by leaves and grapes of the Barbera variety. The casks are illustrated with Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Pinot Noir leaves.


Complementing these botanical concepts, the restaurant interior is dedicated to the Italian cuisine, with focus on the aromatic herbs and spices. At the main room you can appraise oregano, rosemary, tomato plants and typical Mendoza´s landscape thistle illustrations.

Blooming Olive trees salon

This VIP room is dedicated to a key element in the gastronomy of the place: olive oil. A serene place surrounded by flowers and olive trees fruits. This mural coexists in a perfect blend with the central artwork piece: dedicated to wine, using a mix technique, of 2x1m, made by the artist Santina Barbera.

Wine cellar

Finally, the wine cellar treasures iconic wines from Mendoza and reveals a touch of renewal highlighting terroirs like Malbec and Barbera.