Barbera manor

It is an old familiar household, refurbished and brought back to its value: Francesco and María Teresa open the gates to their own home offering an experience that go past gastronomic excellence. It connects us to our senses in a profound way, driving us to fully enjoy from the people with which we share that chosen moment.

Walking through the ristorante, we encounter phrases form beloved María Teresa, the soul of the Italian kitchen in Mendoza. Walls and objects are artistically intervened by artist Noe Roldán, who draw on the wine world, Italian cuisine and gastronomical Mendoza´s identifying products to design the striking murals. With over 45m2 painted, Francesco displays the largest artistic intervention of the city.


The restaurant has five spaces: the Wine Rooftop, the Underground Wine Cellar, the Blooming Olive-trees Lounge, María Teresa Gardens Salon and the Manor´s interior.

The Wine Rooftop exhibits artistic interventions dedicated to different and emblematic terroirs: on the walls we found the Barbera terroir; on the barrels Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Pinot Noir leaves.

The interior of the manor’s focal point is Italian cuisine. At the main room you may enjoy illustrations of oregano, rosemary, tomato plants and typical Mendoza´s landscape thistle.


The center of the manor, named The Maria Teresa Gardens salon, is intervened with artistic work that merges the grand garden in the middle of the city with identity elements from regional cuisine: apricot flowers, tomatoes, peaches, lavender, rosemary, mint, arugula and garlic, among others. It is surrounded by centenary trees and is a typical heart of the city block from old Italian households.

The Vip Room, named Blooming Olive-trees, shows that key element in gastronomy: olive oil. A serene place, surrounded by flowers and olive fruits.


The underground wine cellar treasures iconic Mendoza´s wines. With Malbec and Barbera wine leaves interventions. Our sommelier service is available and private tastings are open.