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Over 70 years ago Barbera is synonym for a unique gastronomic style.

It all begun like this

María Teresa synthesizes more than 70 years of Italian gastronomy in Mendoza. She started next to “la Nonna Fernanda”, an immigrant, a “tana”, that in 1948 arrived carrying her children and her courage. The firm purpose of getting ahead of difficulties drove them to be the pioneers in offering Italian food in Mendoza. In 1954, along with Francesco Barbera, they started a path that led them to form a big family of gastronomes.

Francesco is the exclusive Barbera Family restaurant, where María Teresa offers gastronomy all her creativity and experience. We refer to the old familiar Barbera manor, refurbished and brought back to its value.

“Francesco is the calling to welcome our guests at home, with passion, creativity, and warmth, in each detail of flavor, scent and freshness. The name is in honor of my father, who, backing my mother´s inexhaustible strength with all his love and admiring, has being the mainstay of María Teresa´s dreams.”


Beatriz Barbera, founder of the ristorante.

In her beginnings, La Nonna Fernanda cooked typical italian meals; María Teresa merged traditional gastronomy with Mendoza´s flavors; hugging that legacy and bringing it to its fullest potential, Beatriz today adds Mendoza´s identity regional products, taking the style crated by the Barbera´s in Mendoza to their maximum expression.

Francesco is placed in the heart of Mendoza´s city, next to Gio Bar e Il Mercatino, with which, it forms a gastronomical center backed by over 70 years of Barbera´s family experience.


This awarded restaurant, chosen by mendocinos and tourists on daily bases, is a “mandatory” place to visit for celebrities and artists. Visiting the ristorante implies an experience that exceeds gastronomical excellence: it connects us to our senses in a profound way and urges us to enjoy to the fullest.

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Francesco and the Barbera family have always been news. We present you a list of the media that have recognized us.
Thanks to each of you for being part of our history.

MDZ • Los Andes • El Sol • Diario UNO • Mendoza Post • Memo • Sabores de Argentina • El triunfo de Baco • Revista Voilá • Punto a Punto • Entorno Económico • Jornada • Canal 9 • Canal 7 • Estricta TV • Vinos y Placeres • Sitio Andino • High • Clarín • La Nación


Declared a cultural interest point by the Culture Subsecretary of Mendoza Province by resolution N°416 on 10th August 2007.

¿Who is Maria Teresa Corradini? This book answers. With its pages, she goes trough her roots; and goes through her distant dreams; she goes up till the starting point of that skein, with the starving war biting her heels; she goes through that sleepless life of the immigrant, the life that she kneads with the same tenacity and fervency with which she continues to knead the flour of her glorious pasta…

Rodolfo Braceli

This book was written by Maria Teresa to honor her mother, our Nonna. Everyone in the family, each one in their own way, stands by this marvelous objective to publish this book with recipes and endearing stories: her husband and our father, Francesco, and us, her sons and daughters, Santina, Angelo, Beatriz, Joaquin, Fernando, María Luisa y Bernardina.
Each day we are surprised when we can see that the seed that these two women planted continues growing generation after generation.

Beatriz Barbera

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Aromas de vida
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